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Environmentally Sustainable & Affordable Diamonds in New Zealand

Sep 11

Adamastar sell environmentally sustainable and affordable diamonds in quality New Zealand made jewellery. It doesn’t matter if a diamond is a billion years old, or a day old they both have the same features as each other, are of the identical chemical element (Carbon), and the same physical characteristic (Hardness), and when cut and polished into the same shape, have the same optical (brilliance and scintillation) characteristics as well. Let’s face, it a diamond crystal is just a crystal found in nature, just a rock made of certain common elements arranged in a particular molecular structure. A lab grown diamond is exactly the same in every way, only it has been made in a laboratory, using the same methods to create it an as earth mined diamond was, heat and pressure. It has been said, when purchasing an engagement ring the rule of thumb on how much to spent is about a month’s wages or salary. That equates to approximately $4,000.00. For that amount you could buy a 0.50ct earth mined diamond of F/VS2/Ex quality grades in an 18ct mount. But if the same $4,000.00 was spent buying a lab grown diamond, that $4000.00 would buy you a 1.00ct diamond of the same grades. That’s double the diamond size. If you were able to afford an even larger diamond and compare the price, the size of the diamond you would get would be even greater. Consequently, this places our traditional jewellers in a difficult situation when selling earth mined diamonds. Many are now trying to jump on the bandwagon and sell lab grown diamonds, but when they try to explain why they offer an earth mined at twice the price, when it is exactly the same, they have a problem. They can’t put down lab grown, otherwise they could lose a sale. They try to use the earth mined, ‘special origin’ argument, but that is a lot of money to spend when in truth, it may not matter.

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